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About Abu Dhabi GeoSpatial Portal
Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure Public Geospatial Portal and Map Viewer.The AD-SDI Geospatial Portal provides a single point of access for geospatial information across the entire AD-SDI community.
The portal hosts a wide range of data and information as well as providing map services that allow visitors to see and use the data on their own computers.
It is a significant step toward the long-term SDI goal of establishing a network of seamlessly interoperable agency nodes for geospatial data.Acting as a data clearinghouse, the portal is a common repository for our stakeholders' data and also hosts data for those agencies not yet able to implement and administer their own node.
The portal acts as a gateway to an extensive metadata catalog--this is a master inventory where users can find standard information about available geographic data sets. The data sets are generated by our stakeholders, the Abu Dhabi government agencies that develop and maintain the most commonly needed fundamental geographic data in the Emirate.

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